Archived 8/25/17

Governing Documents & Regulations

IMPORTANT NOTE: As new or amended policies, procedures or rules/regulations are adopted by the Board, they are posted on this page until ongoing revisions of the documents they will become a part of are complete. Please be sure to read these in addition to referring to the Quick Links above for Regulations, Bylaws and Covenants. Please be aware that the recorded Bylaws do not reflect all changes to the Bylaws. Consult the AIA office or Board for any subsequent changes that may have been made.

Articles of Incorporation:
-Articles of Incorporation of the Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – 1974
-Article of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – 2003

Proposed Amended Articles of Incorporation:
The Governance Liaisons have been working on amending and restating the 1974 Articles of Incorporation (AOI). This endeavor was conducted under the direction and supervision of the AIA board attorney.
In an effort to give further explanation as to the changes, a comment document on the final draft of the AOI can be viewed at the link below.
The Board has received helpful input from owners over the past few months. The board attorney will be present at the August 19, 2017 board meeting to answer any final questions prior to the board voting on amending and restating the AOI.
The bylaws state: ARTICLE 6 AMENDMENTS 6.1 Articles of Incorporation
Amendments may be made to the Articles of Incorporation by the affirmative vote of seventy-five (75) percent of the Directors.
Click here to review the final DRAFT of the AOI.

Declaration of Protective Covenants:
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Arrowhead (1990 Covenants with 2003 Amendment. Not for Ridges)
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Ridges at Arrowhead (1993)

-Bylaws--Amended August 15, 2015

-2015 Revised Regulations