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Governing Documents & Regulations

IMPORTANT NOTE: As new or amended policies, procedures or rules/regulations are adopted by the Board, they are posted on this page until ongoing revisions of the documents they will become a part of are complete. Please be sure to read these in addition to referring to the Quick Links above for Regulations, Bylaws and Covenants. Please be aware that the recorded Bylaws do not reflect all changes to the Bylaws. Consult the AIA office or Board for any subsequent changes that may have been made.

Articles of Incorporation:
-Articles of Incorporation of the Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – 1974
-Article of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – 2003
-Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation of the Arrowhead Improvements Association, Inc. – August 2017

Declaration of Protective Covenants:
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Arrowhead (1990 Covenants with 2003 Amendment. Not for Ridges)
-Declaration of Protective Covenants--Ridges at Arrowhead (1993)

-Bylaws--Amended August 15, 2015

-2015 Revised Regulations
-BOD Approved Camping and RV Use Regulation (8-18-18)
-RV Registration Form
Overview and Explanation

During 2017and 2018 several Special Board Meetings were held to enable owners to give input to the Board
of Directors as the governing documents were being reviewed. This section of the proposed Regulation
changes will focus specifically on changes to the Forestry Regulations regarding tree removal, mitigation
and defensible space and Design Regulations for improvements and construction.

Each section contains a Declaration of Protective Covenant reference. It is a reference only and any change
to the Covenants is not a part of this process. The Board has the power to change the Regulations but only
the owners have the power to change the Covenants. The Board does have the power to interpret the
Covenants and does so through the Regulations. It is the intention of this governance review to add clarity
to the Regulations and to make changes or add clarification only when it is deemed in the best interest of
the owner members of the Association.

As a reference point, the Regulation section has a page number which corresponds to the Regulations
currently posted on the website.

We encourage owners to review these sections and send any comments or questions to Patty Greeves,
Board Liaison at A written response is the best way to ensure comments are
received for review. However, you can call Patty at 862-8388 if you have questions. Please provide all
feedback no later than September 24, 2018.

Once all of the sections of the proposed Regulations have been posted for owner review, owner comments
will be discussed and the entire Regulation document will be voted on by the AIA Board of Directions,
currently scheduled for the January 2019 Board meeting. It was hoped the final vote on the complete
revision of the Regulations could be taken in October but all of the sections are not complete. This is a big
endeavor and we are doing our best to ensure accuracy and transparency for the owners.

Any colored references/strike-outs/comments etc. in the document as well as numbering sequence will be
removed or corrected in the final document.

The Board values owner input and hopes owners will take the time to review these important Regulations
and give us comments.

Design Review: CLICK HERE to review proposed changes.

Forestry: CLICK HERE to review proposed changes.

Arrowhead Violation Report
Instructions and Submissions Form

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