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Thank you Dee Sedgwick & the many others who dedicated and donated their time and efforts for making our new Flag Pole possible! Photo by Linda Dysart.


If your power is out don’t hesitate to call Gunnison County Electric Association at 641-3520. This lets GCEA know if the outage is not isolated to one subscriber. Calling helps GCEA determine how large a crew to send for an outage plus it helps them determine what’s happening. Also, do not be alarmed when you are connected by GCEA to 911 because their dispatching is now handled there.

Regs Changes--Mitigation

The Arrowhead board is considering changes to Mitigation regulations. Click here to view a draft of the proposed changes.

Reserve Study Committee

The Reserve Study Committee has written several rough draft documents relating to the AIA's Reserve Study, Investment Policy and Resolution of the Board of Directors. To see what the Board will be voting on at the July BOD meeting by clicking here.


Smoke Signals Archive
Mountain Living Archive


goes out to our new AVFD Fire Chief, Kevin Stilley and our two new AFPD Board Members, Paul Grosvenor & Pete Nauyokas!

Instant Updates

Please visit our AIA Facebook page for any immediate information relating to Arrowhead. This Facebook page is a PUBLIC PAGE. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to read the information relating to Arrowhead. Please "bookmark" our AIA Facebook page for easier access!

Ensure you and your property are properly registered for Gunnison County's "Reverse 911" system. Click here for more.

Volunteers needed for Clean Up Days

For more information, click here.

2014 Board Election

Three positions on the AIA Board of Directors will be up for election this fall. Three year term of office begins in January 2014. If interested in serving, please submit your name to the Board Secretary, Barrie Riddoch, by July 31, 2013.

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More New Items

7/29--updated noxious weed info is posted.

7/24--the lastest board minutes and financials are posted.

7/15--July Board Meeting agendas are posted.

7/12--a draft of proposed changes to the Mitigation Regs is posted.

7/8--the Annual Meeting Agenda, info about forest cleanup Volunteers needed and info about the AFPD board's openings are posted.

6/30--a draft of the June Board Meeting Minutes is posted.

6/20--John Krall nomination info, Stage 1 Fire Restrictions & AIA Reserve Study Committe info are posted.

6/19--the latest Board Minutes, Financials and Design Review Minutes are posted.

6/12--the latest meeting agendas, minutes and a revised Book Club reading list are posted.

6/9--June Board Meeting & Firehouse Garden Club info are posted.

5/29--the June/July Smoke Signals is posted.