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John Krall Awardee Nominations

Nominates are open for this year's John Krall Community Service awardee. More info . . .

Records Inspection & Production Policy Adopted

The Records Inspection & Production Policy which was previously posted for possible adoption at the June 21, 2014 Board of Directors meeting was adopted at that meeting and can be found on the Board News, Information & Financials page under Board Handbook Revision.

Board Vacancy Filled

At the June 21, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting, Kathy Krohn was elected by the Board via ballot to fill the mid-term vacancy created by the resignation of Don Gladwell. Her e-mail address is As soon as we can get a photo from her, we will post that on the Meet the Board page. We thank both Kathy and Larry Kontz for volunteering to fill this mid-term vacancy.

No Stump Dump Reminder

Following the rules at the No Stump Dump went very well in 2013. Unfortunately we are off to a bad start in 2014. Read more . . .

Hiring Fire Chief

The Arrowhead Fire Protection District is looking to fill the Fire Chief's Position. For info and Job description Contact Nick Garreffa or any AFPD Board member.

Revisions to Regulations and Board Handbook

At the April 24, 2014 Special Meeting of the Board of Directors, two revisions to the Regulations and two changes to the Board Handbook were approved. These included the following:
--Camping and Recreational Vehicle (“RV”) Use
--Enforcement Policies and Procedures
--Amendment to Section 2. a. of the Policy of Dispute Resolution between the Association and Owners
--Correction to Paragraph 3. Special Elections of K. Election Procedure

Please click here for more info & details regarding these items. Thank you.

Important--Please Read

An Important Letter from the Arrowhead Association Attorney to the Arrowhead Community is posted along with links to the associated documents. All Arrowhead owners should read this important information. Thank you. Your Board
--Letter from Attorney
Documents Referenced in Attorney's Letter:
--Camping and Recreational Vehicle ("RV") Use
--Enforcement Policies and Procedures
These two documents, linked to in the previous two lines, as well as in the attorney's letter, are the same as as the first two documents under the "Revisions to Regulations and Board Handbook section above.

Booths/Vendors Wanted for "5th of July" Picnic

Vendors contact Joanie to reserve a booth space 12'x12'. $25 for owners, $50 for non owners.
RSVP Joanie 970-862-8415
Volunteers are needed for the Annual Fire Department Picnic on Saturday, July 5, 2014. Click here for more info.


Smoke Signals Archive
Mountain Living Archive

Time to Put Up
MCH Packs

With warmer weather here it's time to put up your MCH packs. If you ordered last fall and have not yet picked up your packs call Bill Conway at 541-729-6259 or email him.

Guest RV Registration Form

The Guest RV Registration form must be completed by the property owner of record before locating a Guest RV on a lot. Click here for more info & form.

Volunteer Release/Waiver

Arrowhead volunteers must sign a Release and Waiver of Liability before performing volunteer work. Click here for more info . . .

GCEA Policy Change

Gunnison County Electric Association has changed its long-standing policy regarding connecting to electric service, including transformers, at Arrowhead. Please read their letter and call them at 970-641-3520 with any questions. Click here to view policy update.

Recent Items

6/30--John Krall Award Nomination info and May Meeting Minutes are posted.

6/29--Records Inspection & Production Policy adopted.

6/18--No Stump Dump Common Sense is posted.

6/16--AFPD special meeting agenda is posted.

6/13--June Board Meeting Agendas are posted.

6/11--Drafts of the May Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

6/7--The proposed AIA Records Inspection and Production Policy is posted.

5/30--Amended Special Board Meeting annoucement is posted.

5/18--the Guest RV Registration Form, latest Alpine Road Conditions & Closure, MCH Packs now Available, Volunteers needed for 4th Picnic, mid-term Board Vacancy info and Volunteer Release/Waiver info are posted.

5/7--the latest letter regarding RV Regulations from the AIA Attorney is posted.

5/4--the May AIA Board Agendas, a draft of the April 26 Special Meeting Minutes, as well as the following revisions to regulations and Board Handbook are posted:
--Camping and Recreational Vehicle (“RV”) Use
--Enforcement Policies and Procedures
--Amendment to Section 2. a. of the Policy of Dispute Resolution between the Association and Owners
--Correction to Paragraph 3. Special Elections of K. Election Procedure

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Ensure you and your property are properly registered for Gunnison County's "Reverse 911" system. Click here for more.


Call the Gunnison County Electric Association at 641-3520! Your call helps them get more info about the outage. Also, do not be alarmed when you are connected by GCEA to 911--GCEA dispatching is now handled there.

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