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2015 Board Officers

By action at the January 17, 2015 Special Board Meeting, 2015 Board Members and Officers are: Mike Wigent, President; John Moseman, Vice President; Al Hale, Treasurer; Kathy Krohn, Secretary, Val Taylor, Member, Tim Carlson, Member and Curt Treichel, Member.

Revised Regulations

At the 1/17/15 Meeting of the Board of Directors, the revised Regulation document was passed.
--Revised Regulations
--Summary of Changes

Protect Trees: MCH Packs Order Deadline Extended

MCH packs continue to be a very effective tool against Douglas fir beetle and may be somewhat effective against spruce beetles. We are at a critical point with Douglas fir beetle and your participation is essential to protect your trees and the community. Learn more . . .

2015 AIA Budget Approved

The 2015 Budget was approved at the October 18th Board of Directors Meeting with one change; Account 725 – Hazel Lake Repair was revised from 0 to $336. View Budget.


Smoke Signals Archive
Mountain Living Archive

AIA Snowmobile Trailer Reminder

Please remember that the AIA snowmobile trailer is for on mountain use only; it is not to be taken off the mountain except on official AIA business. Thanks for your cooperation.

2015 Board Election Results

View the 2015 Board of Directors Election Results by clicking here. Also read the Election Board Results Letter from the Board President by clicking here.

GCEA Policy Change

Gunnison County Electric Association has changed its long-standing policy regarding connecting to electric service, including transformers, at Arrowhead. Please read their letter and call them at 970-641-3520 with any questions. Click here to view policy update.

Recent Items

3/17--Janurary Financials are posted.

2/21--AVFD 2014 Income Statement is posted.

2/3--a draft of the January Board Meeting Minutes, the December Financials and the Feb/March "Smoke Signals" is posted.

1/20--approved October 2014 Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

1/10--the January Board Meeting Agendas and AFPD November Minutes are posted.

1/4--Blue Mesa and Cerro Hwy 50 cams now on the Area Conditions page.

11/25--the 2015 AIA Budget and the Board Election Results are posted.

5/18--the Guest RV Registration Form, MCH Packs now Available and Volunteer Release/Waiver info are posted.

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Update Your Emergency Notification Registration

To ensure your home phone and your cell phones are properly registered , you need to register or re-register with the new "CODE RED" emergency phone notification system for Gunnison County, click here.


Call the Gunnison County Electric Association at 641-3520! Your call helps them get more info about the outage. Also, do not be alarmed when you are connected by GCEA to 911--GCEA dispatching is now handled there.

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