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Time to Put Up MCH Packs!!

Available to be picked up at winter parking lot on Saturdays and Wednesdays from 1:00 to 2:00PM through June 17. A message will be posted when it is time to put up the packs.

Beetles infested Douglas fir have started to turn red. If you see those trees contact Bill and he will have them removed from Arrowhead before they infect adjacent trees.

The Horse Corrals are Open!

Click here for details.

Revised Governance Review Meetings Schedule

Click here to learn more.

BOD Meeting Schedule Change

Click to read more . . .

AVFD Annual Community 4th of July Picnic

Saturday, July 1st! Click here for more info.

2017 BOD Elections
Coming Up!

Letter of intent due by July 13th. Click here for more information and election timeline.

Krall Award Nominations

Nomination for the 2017 John Krall Community Award is due by Wednesday, June 21st. Click here for the nomination form.

Flint Lakes -
Sucker Round Up!

Click here to learn more . . .

AIA Job Postings
The AIA is Seeking Candidates for the following positions:

--Automotive/Equipment Mechanic
For more information, click here to review the job description & applicant instructions.

--Arrowhead Reserve Patrol Officer
Click here for more info.

Recent Items
6/9--the June Board Meeting Agenda is posted.
6/8--the latest Revised Governance Meeting Schedule is posted.
6/6--Horse Corral Info and more is posted.
6/1--The latest Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
5/31--Board Meeting Dates/Times, 2017 Election Info, the June/July "Smoke Signals," 4th of July Picnic Info and more are posted.
5/26--Info for Krall Award Nominations, updated AIA Contacts, and the Sucker Round Up is posted.
5/12--the May Board Meeting Agendas are posted.
3/28--the April/May "Smoke Signals" is posted.

2/15--December Financials are posted.

2/7--2017 Design Review Meeting Dates and Book Club Reading List are posted.

2/5--drafts of the January Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

1/30--the February/March "Smoke Signals" is posted.

1/28--the 2017 AIA Budget is posted.

1/24--October Board Meeting Minutes are posted.

12/1--the 2016 AIA Board Election results are posted.

11/21--the latest Reserve Study info is posted.

Arrowhead Patrol Contact

Please make any calls for Arrowhead Patrol to the Patrol cell phone at (970) 209-6335. If a patrol officer does not answer, leave a message and the on duty officer will contact you as soon as possible.
Please call Gunnison 911 if you have a medical, rescue, fire, or search and rescue emergency.

Instant Updates

Please visit our AIA Facebook page for any immediate information relating to Arrowhead. You do not need to be a member of Facebook to read the information relating to Arrowhead. Please "bookmark" our AIA Facebook page for easier access!


Call the Gunnison County Electric Association at 641-3520! Your call helps them get more info about the outage. Also, do not be alarmed when you are connected by GCEA to 911--GCEA dispatching is now handled there.

Email Notices

Receive important messages and community updates via email by joining the Arrowhead Blast Email list at This resident & owner only listing is confidential and a “post only” email account.

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