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Important AIA Dates

Sunday, October 15, 2017--Winter Parking Lot area opening day.
Monday, November 6, 2017--deadline for RV's and motor homes; including all horses & their transport trailers from the Horse Corral area, must to be removed for the winter season.

Two Incumbent BOD Candidates to be Affirmed:

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IMPORTANT: Rules for Use of the Forest Refuse Site!

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REMINDER: Rules for Use of the Trash Compactor!

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Recent Items
10/13--the October Board Meeting Agendas are posted.
9/30--drafts of the Sept. 25th & 26th Special Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
9/23--Draft Sept. and Approved Aug. Board & Annual Meeting Minutes are posted.
9/20--the August Income Statement is posted.
9/19--the Sept 25th & 26th Special Board Meetings are posted.
9/8--the AFPD 2017 Budget and meeting dates, and AIA Sept. Board Meeting Agendas are posted.
9/5--the Sept. 13 Special Board Meeting Agenda is posted.
8/30--the Amended Articles of Incorporation is posted.
8/29--drafts of the August Board & HOA Meeting Minutes are posted.
8/26--Design Review Liaison job info is posted.
8/23--the latest AIA Financials are posted.
8/22--the July Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
8/11--August Board and Annual Meeting Agendas and the latest Income Statements are posted.
8/10--Weed Epidemic, AVFD Pancake Breakfast, Speed Limit Reminder and Forest Refuse Site Heads-Up are posted.
8/3--the final draft of the proposed changes to the AIA Articles of Incorporation (& comments regarding them) are posted.
7/31--Board Meeting Minutes are updated.
7/29--the Aug/Sept "Smoke Signals" is posted.
7/27--the AVFD/AFPD page is available.
7/23--the approved May & June Board Meeting Minutes are posted.
7/15--"Why Weeds Matter," Proposed Amended Articles Update and the updated Design Review Plot Plan are posted.
7/9--info regarding the Governance Review Meetings being cancelled is posted.
Arrowhead Patrol Contact

Please make any calls for Arrowhead Patrol to the Patrol cell phone at (970) 209-6335. If a patrol officer does not answer, leave a message and the on duty officer will contact you as soon as possible.
Please call Gunnison 911 if you have a medical, rescue, fire, or search and rescue emergency.


Call the Gunnison County Electric Association at 641-3520! Your call helps them get more info about the outage. Also, do not be alarmed when you are connected by GCEA to 911--GCEA dispatching is now handled there.

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