Voter Designation for a Site Owned by
an Entity or LLC

For those of you whose Arrowhead site is owned by more than one person or an entity, this is a reminder to please designate the individual who will exercise the site’s vote on or before September 15, 2014 in accordance with the AIA covenants and bylaws. Designations can be provided to Arrowhead Improvements Association, PO Box 89, Montrose, CO 81402 or by email to Please also include the lot, block, filing and street address of the site to which the designation pertains.

These designations benefit the Association and our residents by making it readily apparent who will be voting on behalf of each site. Although the Association has the discretion to revoke voting privileges for failure to provide this designation, after consultation with our election consultants and legal counsel, the Association has decided not to impose such a consequence at this time.

Accordingly, as in the past, so long as the Association receives an uncontradicted vote from a site owner, rest assured that this vote will be counted for that site in this fall’s Board election. If we receive contradicting votes on behalf of a site, and there is not a proper designation on record with the Association, we reserve the right to disregard the site’s vote.

We encourage everyone to exercise their vote in the upcoming elections, and thank you for all of the input and feedback we have received regarding this issue.

The Election Committee