John Krall Community Service Award

The John Krall Award Committee, composed of past John Krall Award winners, will select the 2018 awardee from your nominations. The deadline date to have your nomination form is Tuesday, July 3rd.

Nomination Form and Information

Please nominate a deserving Arrowhead owner and neighbor. Send your completed nomination forms or the same information as requested on the form via email to

John Krall Award History:
John Krall spent many years helping residents with a plethora of projects, including voluntarily cutting wood and clearing our roadsides.  In 2003 Noreen Horwitz, an Arrowhead resident, thought that he should be honored with a community service award.   A plaque was made and was presented to John Krall at an AIA meeting in 2003.

Former Krall Award Recipients
2020--Jim Gelsomini
2019--Bill Conway
2018--Bill & Joyce Boulter
2017--Mike Wigent
2016--Lindy Linder
2015--John Moseman
2014--Kathy & Don Koeltzow
2013--Al Hale
2012--Kevin Stilley & the Vavriks
2011--Linda Dysart
2010--Lucia Lebon & Bob Rosenbaum
2009--Ron & Diane Benson
2008--Glen and Carolyn Isbell
Don Bumgarner
Don and Elaine LaForge
Billie Ellis
Dee Sedgewick
John Krall