AIA Message Board

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The Arrowhead Improvement Association Board of Directors has set up a message board for Arrowhead residents to communicate with the AIA board, as well as exchange information and offer your input/feedback on . . . well, what ever you would like. While subject matter should be relative to Arrowhead and in good taste, anyone may start a new post (or thread) and anyone else may respond. Anyone visiting the Arrowhead site may view the posts and responses, as well.

To keep our message board free, there are add banners running on it. If you feel these aren't worth the message board being free, please let a board member know. Also, there is room for only 300 messages on this board. If/when we hit post 301, the oldest post will be deleted and so on.

User Name and Password
While you do need to set up a user name and password, doing so grants you instant access to posting on the message board. Requiring a user name and password lets us know that it's really you posting, not someone impersonating you. Make sure your username falls under the rules (see below). Please do not use a password that you use for anything else, as the password can be visible to the forum administrator.

The Rules

As with any forum, there are a few ground rules to keep this useful:

So that it's clear to AIA board members and owners regarding who is posting what, your user name must be either your first and last name or your first initial followed by your last name. For instance, board member Richard Ostrum may use either "RichardOstrum" or "rostrum" (the username and password only allow letters and/or numbers. They will not accept spaces, dashes or any other symobls).

Inappropriate Language &/or Content
Let's keep it "G" rated, folks. Swear words and/or cursing beyond what you see on the Disney Channel is out of bounds. Spirited discussion is encouraged, but deconstructive and/or mean-spirited comments fall outside of the rules.

Any posts not adhering to these rules will be removed.

If you see inappropriate content on the site, please contact us immediately to let us know.

Click here to visit the AIA Message Board.