Arrowhead Beetles and MCH Packs

MCH packs continue to be a very effective tool against Douglas fir beetle and may be somewhat effective against spruce beetles. With the increase in Douglas fir beetles in areas adjacent to Arrowhead EVERYONE who has a Douglas fir tree on their property or on adjacent narrow strips of Association property should be putting up MCH packs. We are at a critical point with Douglas fir beetle and your participation is essential to protect your trees and the community. Volunteers will be putting up about 2500 MCH packs on the large pieces community property.

Forest Manager Bill Conway will be accepting orders from now to January 31, 2015. The price is lower than last year at $1.35 per pack and if we get our usual large order together you should get about 10% extra MCH packs. Checks should be made out to AIA and sent to:

Bill Conway
1734 SE 52nd Ave
Portland, OR 97215

Please provide your Arrowhead address and phone and email contact information for both on and off Arrowhead. Delivery to owners will occur in early May 2015. If you are unable to put them up at the correct time in May there will be information available at that time on how you can have someone else put them up.

Try to find the situation below that best fits your lot:

Situation 1 – You have a lot that is mostly conifer with a significant amount of Douglas fir and/ or spruce along with some balsam. Order about 40 packets. This will allow you put them up around your property line about 25 feet apart to create a “vapor” barrier and also have some to put on individual larger Douglas fir and spruce on the interior of your lot.

Situation 2 – Same as above but you have a significant number of Douglas fir and spruce over 20” diameter (the beetles favorite trees) then order about 50.

Situation 3 – Your lot is mostly balsam or aspen with scattered Douglas fir and spruce. Order enough to put one on each tree, Douglas fir or spruce. If you get a few extras in your final order put two on the largest trees or on trees on adjacent common land.

Situation 4 – Your lot has distinct areas with different vegetation. Maybe half is aspen and the other half a mix of Douglas fir, spruce and balsam. Put a ring of MCH packs around the conifer area. Or, if the confer area is small enough just put an MCH pack on every Douglas fir and spruce.

Situation 5 – You have one of the above situations and you also have Douglas fir and spruce on adjacent common land that you want to protect. Generally in this situation people are focused on individual large trees. Order enough to put on each Douglas fir or spruce you want to protect. Your assistance with the common land is welcome.

Situation 6 – Your lot has all balsam, aspen or you live in a meadow with no trees then you do not need to order

If you observe any of the following please report to Bill Conway:
-red needles on Douglas fir or needle loss on spruce,
-streams of pitch on bark,
-boring dust in bark crevices,
-wood pecker activity,
If we can identify these problems early we can remove the trees before the beetles fly to adjacent trees.

Call Bill Conway at 541-729-6259 or email at if you have questions about how many MCH packs to order or any other questions on Arrowhead Forest Management.